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They were taken in last weekend. Fuji x100s performed well during the low light, the photos here taken in jpeg format and not much outside processing other than resizing iirc.

The total dynamic range of this camera is better than many DSLRS I handled. Being lightweight and rangefinder has their own benefits. In many reviews I found issues with the battery performance so I carried one extra one.

I use Yashica MG1 and Electro 35 as primary film cameras. This one is giving me much lighter experience. The hybrid view finder was another joy in it.

After spending almost one week I realized my walking distance with the camera has increased a lot. I always liked working with single lens, this camera is giving me that freedom once again.

The menu options are taking a bit time and memory :) Still now I never used the EVF that much. I will post more in the coming weeks.

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